Friday, April 24, 2009

not concentrate

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Fill in the banks with your creative answers.

Hi! My name is ________________. I love to ________________. When I go to the zoo, I would see the ______________ first. When I am as rich as Donald Trump (can’t think of anyone who is filthy rich), I would like to get myself a _____________________. I prefer (cat/dog) ____________. In my free time, I would __________________. The last CD that I bought was _________________. I hate it when ________________. I would love to raid ___________________’s wardrobe because ___________________________. The last person I say thank you to was _______________________. The last person whom I say I LOVE YOU was __________________________. I’m lucky to have _____________________. The first designer item of clothing I bought was from _____________________. If I could have 3 wishes, I would wish for __________________________________________, ______________________________________,________________________________________. And on a random note, I am wearing ______________________________________ now.
I would appreciate if you could answer these questions on any possible medium.

Interview questions.

Bloggers from around the world.


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